Estée Lauder BrowPerfect 3D All-in-One Styler Multi-Tasker - Warm Blonde

Estée Lauder BrowPerfect 3D All-in-One Styler Multi-Tasker - Warm Blonde


3-in-1 brow pencil, powder and gel. 24-Hr wear.












Your perfect brows, simplified. 3-in-1 multi-tasker for every look imaginable.

Transfer-proof eyebrow filler wears for 24 fade-resistant hours. Waterproof, smudge-proof. Stays color true.

Define and enhance the shape of your natural eyebrows with the pencil. Microprecision tip provides hair-like detail, then builds the look from natural to bold. (Pencil, 0.002 oz./0.07g)

Fill in sparse areas with the eyebrow filler powder for a soft, diffused look. Flexible tip dispenses sheer, buildable powder to create a soft, diffused look. (Powder, 0.01 oz./0.25g)

Style and set hairs into place all day long with the clear, 24-hour non-flaking gel. Made with naturally derived* Chestnut Seed Oil. (Gel, 0.06 fl. oz./1.75ml)

Get the most out of your multi-tasker:
Tame unruly brows:

Fill in natural eyebrows with pencil using short, wispy strokes. Comb through brows with gel, sweeping up and out.
Add shape and body to sparse or faint brows:
Map with pencil, marking points at the beginning, high point and tail end of brows. Connect the dots using short, hairlike strokes. Build brows with eyebrow filler powder for a full, fluffy look. Comb hairs up and out with gel to set in place.
Fill in sparse natural eyebrows:
Mimic the look of natural eyebrow hairs using short, quick strokes of pencil. Cover gaps with powder.

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